Vera the 1969 VW Beetle
'It'll be nice when it's finished'


26th November 2006

One side nearly finished now. Door is fitted on with the brace removed and the heater channel welded into place. Only the front bumper mounting to go and then it's the other side to tackle (and it is in worse condition than this one). Looks like we may be ready for the start of the classic car season next year!

Inside front arch.

Previous repairs removed (3 layers).

Replacement panel welded in place and plug welded to the heater channel.

Rear panel welded to new channel

The speaker for the radio is now back in its original location in the front dash so I can replace and remove the rear speakers.

The Heater channels are now ready to weld onto the repaired floor. Very fiddly to fit without removing the body but after lots of work the righthand side is almost finished.

19th November 2006

The Blaupunkt Emsden III radio is now fitted! I thought the original VW chrome would look great in the dash and I'm pleased I got my bargain direct from Hamburg!

The rear arch area also needed a bit of work so once again another piece of hand-crafted metal was expertly welded into place.

Not quite as many holes in the new piece - well only the ones that are meant to be there this time.

November 5th

After an initial inspection back in September 2006 Vera moved into the garage in York and waited for work to begin.

Home for the next few months!

The petrol cap was removed so that the colour could be matched - it turns out that she has been repainted in Selvasgrün Green (LA6D a 1983 Golf colour)

The Europa style bumpers were removed and I spent a few hours grinding off the rust and painting with Hammerite. They were then polished (chrome polish is fantastic stuff) and waxed to give them a chance of surviving for a few more years.

Lots of rust to remove from the inside.

All rust removed and polished ready for fitting early in 2007 hopefully.

The major work has begun now! Getting rid of the rusted sills and floor is going to be the first job that needs to be tackled.

Doors are removed and braces welded in place to keep the chasis straight while the sills are replaced. A new piece of floor plan was made and welded into place ready to take the new sills.

All braced and ready to remove the heater sill.

Not a lot of floor there to weld onto!

All better now! Handmade replacement part welded into place.

As can be seen the interior is in very good condition and according to the birth certificate she left Wolfsburg with Cream White Leatherette so we can be confident that she is meant to look like this inside.

She now has an original Blaupunkt Emsden radio waiting to be fitted and we will use the original dash speak for this and remove the speakers from the rear as they are not authentic. She also left Germany with Alloy Wheel Trims as she was the disc brake (1500) model so eventually we will add these to her too.

Heater pipes worn through so need replacing but apparently this stops fumes being sent to the heating system so seems like a good idea.