Vera the 1969 VW Beetle
'It'll be nice when it's finished'


April 22nd 2007

Vera is now getting ready for the MOT. The nice new carpet that we ripped out when she arrived at the the garage is now back in place. It is really comforting to know that the carpet is not hiding anything now as we have dealt with all of the rust and added lots of new metal!

The interior is looking good now the Blaupunkt radio is great - the chrome matches in really well and this is what should have been there in the first place. The running board is back on now - I think this is the first time that it has been on for over a year!

I need to replace the door liners in the rear as the modern speaker holes should not be there.

Also need to locate the fixing points in the rear roof for the seat belts that we are going to have to fit.

The doors have been tweaked too so that they now close a bit better. Next things to get sorted are the replacement wings on the lefthand side and the reflector headlamp units. The battery is also in need to replacement but a new battery won't do any harm at all.

April 4th 2007

Spring is with us and Tony has sprung into action (much to the annoyance of the neighbours) and is cracking on with the first coats of paint.

The new rear apron is primed not ready for the first coat. This was the tricky piece to fit by Tony figured it out eventually.

The bonet catch has been fixed too.

Looks like the spare bonnet may be staying in the shed for a while as the magic of filler has patched this up okay.

A few small rot patches have been repaired and Vera may be heading towards a shot at the MOT fairly soon hopefully.

How long will it take me to remember that the petrol goes into the front of the car and not where you usually think it should be.

What a change! I just love the primed grey - perhaps a future colour choice?

Tinware is half fitted now and the engine has been been started and is not leaking now - so mechanically she is getting there.


6th April 2007

The paint match is not exact - bit of a problem but when the original colour has been replaced already it was always going to be a problem. Just getting the cellusloe paint and thinners has proved hard enough so any paint job is a bonus really.

The new black panels have been primed then had the first coat of paint applied.

The heater channels that started out with the red oxide primer inside then the grey primer on top are finally green now and you wouldn't know they have been added.

Rust and primer well hidden now and looking good.

I love the double exhaust on Vera.

Looking (and feeling) much nore like a solid car now.

All the rust on the from right has been removed, primed and painted now. Amazing what somoeone who knows what they are doing has a few spare days.

I wonder what colour Vera actually is painted!

I have 5 litres of new paint on order so I'm sure we'll get it right in the end.

Wings on the left are to be replaced as there was not much left to bolt back on. VW Heritage will sort me out or perhaps the VW shop in Haxby, York where most of the parts have come from.

Of course I need tyres too - perhaps NECPWA shop may have them.