Vera the 1969 VW Beetle
'It'll be nice when it's finished'


May 16th 2007

Take this as a warning - do not buy cheap headlight units unless you want to spend three hours trying to get them fitted and switched from RHD to LHD. However saying that they certainly help to make VERA look ready for the MOT.

She needs a bit of a wash and the new front wing has arrived from VW Heritage so after the MOT we will paint it and get it fitted as it is pity to have the rusty wing ruining her.

We have decided to turn VERA into a hover beetle so have removed all the wheels.

Still waiting for my running board and hubcaps from Status VW but when they come they should be good quality. I'm pleased that the stone guards are holding up - perhaps a good polish will set them off.

Almost ready now and we have put the bumper on the right way round this time - it fitted both ways and it wasn't until we looked at the rear one we realised which way it should have gone!

Easy fitting cover made up for the hassle that Tony had with the headlights. Superfast delivery with free postage from so they are my new favourite supplier.

Windscreen washer bottle fitted now and the wipers need replacing - yet another free delivery item via ebay but can't complain at less than £6.00 including delivery.


May 9th 2007

The rusty old bumper that I sorted out back in October last year is now in place and looking okay. I've got some new headlights on order too as the reflector bulb was all rusted and won't get through the MOT.

I am also going to replace the front wing as it is rather rusty - but it will have to wait until we are ready to paint VERA in a few weeks time. Yes - the bumper is upside down but we have fixed that now.

The stone-chip guards look cool and will be staying on the replacement wings once they have been bought and fitted.

The interior is generally in good condition - nothing has been cleaned up yet so not sure what the end result will be like - but that is the kind of job that I can do in the summer before the first show at Sledmere.

Notice the new rear seat belts! All ready for the boys to be safely strapped into for the summer.

The mounting fixings were hidden beneath the roof lining and just had to be located by Tony so that he could fit the belts (from his store of goodies).

I am now starting to buy all of the goodies to make VERA look and feel that little bit special. Rear deck lid luggage rack, GB year bumper plate, Mr Bubblehead mudflaps and bumper badge - all of which can come off her if I decide to get her painted professionally in the future.